Friday, April 30, 2010


I just sat down and thought through the number of families we know who are shifting houses this summer - some across town, some to other countries. It's at least 10. This mass shift should happen between the beginning of June and the middle of August. I hope someone out there is willing to make a lot of casseroles for unsettled people. I also hope our city has a good supply of cardboard boxes.

Erik meets with the landlord today to talk about all the things that need to happen in our new apartment. Can you imagine what it takes to outfit a house that is currently 260 sqm of concrete? Thankfully we have water and electrical supplies to the right places already. Erik made this amazing excel document with expanding tabs that outlines everything that needs to be done in every room. He asked for my help last night. I'm not sure how much I was able to contribute, as my help consisted of looking through my Pottery Barn books and putting tabs on pages of things I want to do that have nothing to do with construction.

By this fall we'll have made a lot of decisions and a lot of changes, as will many others. Will be interesting to see how it all looks once the dust settles.


Tammy said...

I told Josh the other day that I used to love spring but now I have a bittersweet feeling associated with it. There is sweetness of "new life" and the joy of beauty as it emerges from the dust and dirt of our winters here. . . but there is sadness because someone is always leaving and all too often it is someone I really love and don't want to say goodbye to. :( It's a bittersweet season for a lot of people this spring!

Robyn said...

I agree with what Tammy said. It is always hard to see spring/summer come and have people leaving or moving, etc. I know of about 5 families moving, I didn't know there were 10!! Wow! That is a lot. Hoping/praying that your new apt is everything you hoped for and more!

Gina Marie said...

Oh, I forgot one - 11 actually. Plus the people leaving for just 6 months. This honestly didn't happen much our first five years here! But we certainly grew accustomed to it in Singapore.