Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving On

Our lives as expats are filled with change. The most difficult of that, of course, is when the change in our relationships. Over the years we've said goodbye to more friends than we care to number.

This summer we'll say goodbye to our closest friends here, the family who came through training with us in 1999. Our experience with them has been the true definition of community - doing life together. We're so thankful we've been blessed to be next door to them this year! It will be devastating to say goodbye to them, but their move will also facilitate one of our own.

We've decided that with them, and another family we love, leaving, combined with high rents and cost of living in this part of town, and our current distance from the office, it makes sense for us to move to the north part of town. There, we will be close to Erik's office (instead of an hour away!), and will be within walking distance of people we work with. The rents are significantly cheaper and the houses are bigger.

We think we've already found one of these cheaper and bigger apartments, so we're excited! The landlord is fantastic and seems to not be in great need of money, which means he's not asking much from us. The apartment is on the 12th floor across from our office. We're thinking of installing a zip line down to it. The main downside is that the new area of town is not exactly a beautiful place to live, and our apartment in particular is devoid of surroundings where kids could play. This will be particularly difficult for Erik the Outdoor Man, but will not have much impact on Gina the Girl Who Could Live Happily in a Bunker. I will miss running along our canal though!

We plan to move in August, after our friends have left. Between now and then we will be working with the landlord to "zhuang xiu" the apartment as it is currently an empty concrete shell. Pictures and stories of the crazy process sure to follow.


Tracie said...

Yeah-- where is it?

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Gina Marie said...

Building 27 - not far from you! 12th floor, 4th door. If we look out our living room window we look at the Faggs.

Robyn said...

It is so hard to go through the continual goodbyes, isn't it? Will be praying for you as you make this move. We look forward to having you living close to us! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Four Buttons said...

Ah, such is the life of an expat, always saying hello and goodbye...I think it's a way for God to work in our lives, to be open to others and propels us to go deep with people more quickly because you know it's not forever. You are such a blessing to those you encounter Gina! Hope the move goes well and i'm glad you are moving into bigger and nearer Erik's office and other friends. Sounds like you needed to get out of your current apt, although i did enjoy all the stories about the handy men :) love ya!!