Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Thing

I feel like I should post some pictures of the ever-encroaching damage that's happening to our walls as a result of this water leak. It is now prevalent on the walls outside both bathrooms, across the hall from the bathroom on both sides, all along Megan's wall, on parts of Ethan's wall, across the flooring in the hallway (we have wood laminate floors) and this week has traveled to a second wall in our bedroom and crept across Ethan's floor. Now when we step on the floor outside our bathroom, water seeps up between the floorboards. It's like a monster from a horror movie. Maybe should call it The Thing.

But there is hope! (this is the part of the horror movie when the hero swoops in. Or wait, are there not heroes in horror movies? I don't watch them). Today I called the management and told them they needed to send someone again asap. A new worker showed up at the door and I thought, "Shoot. I'm going to have to explain this all over again." He was pretty shocked at the state of things, but walked into the bathroom, removed a tile from the wall, looked in, and said, "Here's your problem. This pipe is leaking, and so are those."

Ok, dude, where were you two weeks ago?

I asked him what he was going to do about it, and why it was happening. He said something about the changes in temperature with winter, having heat, then not having heat - basically I think he said it was causing a lot of condensation. The pipes themselves are the ones which supply toilet water to both bathrooms. I was greatly encouraged when I joked with him, "Should we just go use our friend's bathrooms instead and you turn our toilet water off?" Encouraged because he understood me and laughed. That made up for me not understanding so much of what he said about the pipes.

Unfortunately I couldn't nail him down to what he's going to DO about the leaks. He said he had to talk to his buddies and plan a course of action. I believe this course will probably involve demolition of some sort, but at this point, I don't care.

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