Saturday, April 24, 2010


For a book lover, book depository is like alcohol to an alcoholic. Every time I hear about a new book now, I am at the keyboard - first at Amazon to check out reviews, then to book depository to place an order. You can order just one! No shipping cost! And then pretend it was free because you didn't actually see the money transfer!

Not only has it changed my spending habits, but I find myself at least once a day checking the mailbox, hoping for one my books to arrive. The ash over Iceland has delayed a few recent orders, so I don't know when they'll show up, but I have 3 that should arrive any day. I just ordered another - it takes about two weeks. I'll be the lady hovering by the mailboxes from now until then.


Joanna said...

I LOVE book depository too. Amazon shipping to Australia is very expensive (starts at US$10 and goes up rapidly from there) so book depository's free shipping is great. Its not like I need any more books though, especially since I have a final year of college work load beckoning me.

Robyn said...

I hear you!!! You've created an addict out of me, too! Although, we've had some trouble receiving some of our books. I ordered some in Feb, and they still haven't arrived. The nice thing is that they will reissue them if they don't arrive. I haven't ordered any more recently, due to the volcano.