Thursday, April 29, 2010

The "Shang" season

A few weeks ago, I was way-laid by the stomach flu. It was a strange kind of stomach flu that involved only throwing up a few times, then lingering for 4 more days in the form of upset stomach/weakness/complete lack of appetite. This week, I've struggled with a sore throat that began on Friday and evolved into a massive headache/sinus congestion/coughing by Tuesday. It's still hanging on as we move into Friday again.

It is just as my chiropractor told me - the "Shang" season.

When I was sick before, she came over to fix an issue in my back, and to see about my health. I warned her to stay away because I didn't want her to be sick, but she was not worried. She told me I couldn't give it to her because this was just my body's natural reaction to spring. Come again?

Spring is the "shang" season, she said. "Shang" means "up." She said in the spring, she sees more patients with issues in the upper half of their bodies - vomiting, head colds, headaches, etc. Fall is the "Xia" season which means, "down." I'll let you use your imagination for that.

Maybe there's something to this I wondered today as I thought it was possible my head might just explode. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens to me in the fall.

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