Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's a beautiful day here, and for the first time since Sunday I headed outside (weird stomach flu having kept me mostly in bed for several days). On the way to the market, I captured some of the beautiful flowers blooming in our courtyard with my favorite lens. I didn't know someone was growing lilacs! I'm going to be hanging around her backyard like a creepy stalker, just to get a sniff.


Starlene said...

Those are gorgeous photos, Gina! Wow!

Gina Marie said...

Thanks Starlene! I really enjoy taking photos.

Robyn said...

Gorgeous photos! You have a great eye and picture taking ability. I'm so glad to see things starting to bud around here!

Amy :) said...

Those photos are so beautiful, Gina! :)

Mmmm... *nothing* like the smell of lilacs! Despite all the beautiful flowering plants here in AZ year-round, lilacs are one of the things I truly miss about living in Michigan.