Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Recommendation

There are a few books I have read in my lifetime which are like old friends now. I read them again and again, and it seems each time God gives me more truth from them to help me grow.

One of those books is Brave Hearts: Unlocking the Courage to Love with Abandon, by Sharon Hersh. I first read this book many years ago by recommendation of a friend of mine whom I admire as a wise, open, passionate woman of God. (Incidentally, she also introduced me to another one of my favorite books - I just wrote her and asked for more recommendations!). I picked it up again last week and have been finding new encouragement to live a life of love.

I don't if I've mentioned it before, but one of my prayers this past year has been, "Lord, teach me to love well." I have been collecting the lessons He's teaching me in response to that prayer (maybe one day I'll have learned enough to write a book!). Sharon Hersh says, "'Go after love as if your life depended on it - because it does.' (1 Corinthians 14:1, The Message) Go after it intentionally, daily, fiercely and prayerfully." In the book, she talks about the many things that can keep us from loving extravagantly - things like jealousy, envy, comparison, addictions of the heart, perfectionism, denying the God-given passions of our hearts, protecting our hearts. And she tells amazing stories of the lives of women who have chosen to be brave with their hearts, and seen their lives transformed because of it.

Just today I was inspired by this quote from Brave Hearts, "May you be encouraged to hope and dream in new ways, fight complacency, risk more, create wildly, pray fervently, and make good relationships extravagant because you embrace the truth that the greatest life is a life of love."

Next on my list, which I hope to be getting soon from Book Depository is Bold Love, by Dan Allender. I have a feeling it's going to be another one I revisit again and again.

That's my book recommendation for today. What have you read lately that you love?


Rachel said...

Thanks for the recommendations! and I like the quote. =)
I am reading Ragman by Walter Wangerin, a collection of short stories/essays. I read some of it this summer on a rainy camping trip and am excited to read the rest. I think his essay on marriage is brillant.

Four Buttons said...

Gina, this is so interesting that you wrote about this because two days ago I picked up the book Strong Women Soft Hearts that you gave me and out of it came a card from you about how that book had changed your life and you'd read it multiple times. It was touching to read the card from you and made me miss you. I started reading it and have only completed a couple pages, i fell asleep...not because of the book content but because of being completely wiped out by allergies, I know you know :) Anyway another thing God has been impressing upon me lately (in the last 3 months) is the exact thing you speak of in this post; Love. I have been learning so much! I'm reading a book called The Fruitful Life by Jerry Bridges and I love it! I am definately being challenged in the arena of Love. Wish we could sit and chat face to face, I miss you Gina!

Tammy said...

Can I borrow "Brave Hearts" when you are don with it?

Gina Marie said...

Tammy - definitely!