Friday, April 16, 2010

After much za-ing, zhao dao le!

After you've heard two people discuss your apartment at length, using the word "za" about 20 times, then you run into one of them later and he tells you that he is going to come back to your house at 1 pm, but he will not being doing any more "za" it's time to figure out what "za" means.

za: to pound, to break, to smash

I should have guessed.

At this point, they have za-ed about 6 holes in our floors between both bathrooms and the hallway. This morning they za-ed under our shower floor, and "zhao dao le! (found it!)" Sweeter words have never been heard from a worker with bits of tile scattered throughout his hair.

They promised they would find it today, and so they have. They also promised that today they would finish all the work. I had my doubts. Sure, you might find the leak, but dude there are six holes that need filling, tiles that need replacing, my bathtub is against the wall, and my sink in is the storage room. Really? But here it is at 4 pm, and they are holding true to their word. Not sure about the tile yet, but those holes are filled. More importantly, there is a shiny new pipe in place of the old one. I've got to hand it to our management company - once they're done with the za-ing they take care of you.

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Robyn said...

So glad to hear they have found and fixed the problem!!! Thanks for sharing the word za, too! It's always good to learn new vocabulary! Hope they finished well.