Friday, October 29, 2004

thoughts of home

Today I was reflecting on what life would be like right now in Minnesota. This is the time of year when snow starts to appear, and cover the dry, colored leaves of fall. It's the time for football games wrapped in blankets, and carving pumpkins and smelling winter in the air.

I am still baffled by the lack of change here. If I didn't look at the calendar, I wouldn't have any idea what time of year it is. Well, I might think it's December as a friend of mine told me yesterday that IKEA was putting out their Christmas stuff this week (there's no Thanksgiving here to side track them). It's downright sad that people here have never seen snow. Some of my best memories of childhood involve snow!

So for lack of anything else, I'm playing John Denver. I know, I'm not from Colorado or anywhere near it. But it reminds me of the beauty of my home and campfires and places where you need to wear warm clothing outside, not inside.

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