Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ironic or just plain frustrating?

Several years ago there was a popular song called Ironic. Whenever I heard it, I thought, "Rain on your wedding day? That's not ironic - it just stinks!"

Well, today when I went to my mailbox and pulled out our absentee ballots, the ones my dad requested sent to us at the beginning of September but which apparently didn't actually leave the states until October 25th, I thought, "Is this ironic, these arriving on election day so there's no possible way I can send them back within the next 24 hours? No, no, I think this just stinks!!"

So needless to say, we will not be able to vote this year. But you had better believe someone in Olmsted county, MN, is going to hear about this one.


Chris B. said...

I think you could make the case for sending it anyway with a letter of explanation. They might treat it with the other provisional votes. There have already been problems with missing absentee ballots in several states.

Anonymous said...


I'm having a voting party tonight. Since I have so many friends voting for either side instead of putting anyone off we are just getting together to celebrate our opportunity for choice. I got a cake that has Bush on one side and Kerry on the other and people can take a some from either. My invites read "Come enjoy some desert and watch history in the making. Sorry no kids or political opinions allowed. Must have I voted sticker to enter." I would make an exception for you and Eric of course. The whole thing reminds me of being a C.A.


Gina Marie said...

I realized after writing this post that the ballots we received were not the ones we originally had requested. Those never showed up. These were in response to me downloading (about a week and a half ago) a ballot application and faxing it in. In that case, they did respond very quickly, but it was just too late.

Different states have different policies regarding when votes can be in. Minnesota is one of the stricter ones -absentee ballots must be in by 5 p.m. on the day of the election.

Well, now I'm thinking I'm keeping it for posterity. Someday it will be worth a lot of money, or at least it will be an interesting thing for my kids to see.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best!