Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Tonight we drove (yes, drove - our friend is lending us her car) to Pasir Ris, which is along the north border of the country. From there, we could look across the water to Malaysia. On a map it looks farther away. You could swim it easily.

The drive there was shaded with beautiful tropical trees, and the park at Pasir Ris is gigantic, with more children's playground equipment in one place than I've ever seen in Asia. It's amazing to be in this kind of paradise.

It's beautiful, and I'm grateful, but this is nothing compared to what is to come. Someday we will look back and think, "We were satisfied with that?" This move to a cleaner, greener, nicer place has reminded me that the best things, the things that satisfy the most, aren't things you can see. Temporary things satisfy temporarily. I want to remember to enjoy what I see, but not to rest my heart in them.

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