Monday, October 04, 2004

planes, trains and automobiles

Do you know what happens when the pages in your passport get filled up with stamps? You have to get more pages! Mostly that only happens to business people who travel internationally. Our son got new pages in his passport when he was three and a half. So you could say he's no stranger to transportation.

Here, there are ads that say, "trains, buses and taxis" - the main forms of transportation. Today, we used two of the three to get to the library. Previously, I wasn't a big fan of public transport other than taxis. Can you blame me when the bus system where we lived before was like a bad joke? "How many people can you fit in a bus in Asia?" Answer: apparently always at least one more. Not exactly a stroller-friendly environment.

But when I see my son's face light up because he gets to use his ez-link card for the bus AND the subway in one day, it's worth it. And I have to say - it's kind of fun to take the subway here. Not the bus, really, but it's about as fun as a public bus can be. So we took the bus two stops to the subway, and the subway one stop to the library, with a bit of walking to tie them all together.

By the way, we got some great books at the library - Peter Pan, Pippi Longstocking, Charlotte's Web, Magic School Bus, the third book in the My Father's Dragon series, etc. And, as always lately, a book on dinosaurs. So the trains, buses and taxis served us well.

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