Friday, October 22, 2004

more unexpected joys

One of the best unexpected pleasures of living in Singapore is how it's changing our family. Our kids are suddenly each others' best friend - they play together constantly. I love hearing their voices in play, pretending various games together. Megan's first question every time she comes out of childcare at church is, "Where is my brother?" (or sometimes, "Where is my sister?" She doesn't quite have the genders down yet).

I've also been hit by a new adoration for my kids (not that I didn't love them before, but I'm just really enjoying them!). We've been having such a great time exploring our neighborhood and trying out new places. They both are at such fun stages of discovery and the things that come out of their mouths frequently crack us up. Yesterday Ethan set up a Chinese checkers board with all but one peg on one side. The last peg he put out a few rows and said, "Look, mom, the people are listening to Jesus."

So there you have it - another proud mama post. It really is an answer to prayer though, that I would take these days when my kids are young slowly and soak in the moments with them. They really are precious days.

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