Sunday, October 17, 2004

the seasons of Singapore

We have discovered that there are two seasons in Singapore. Now, I'm not talking about the rainy season, or the "cold season" (where the temperature dips to a balmy 85 as opposed to 89). I'm talking about the two obvious ones - indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor, you can generally count on temperatures somewhere between 85-90, depending on whether or not it's raining and what time of day it is.

Inside, you can count on temperatures dipping down to 17 degrees Celcius. That probably means nothing to you Americans - wait let me look it up. Yep, that's pretty cold. Ok, actually it's 63 degrees. But when you just came from 90, you're not properly attired for 63 degrees!

Case in point - last night I made the dire mistake of going to a movie wearing capris and a sleeveless shirt. On the drive home, we had to make use of the car's heat, and you know that feeling in a Minnesota winter where you've been outside too long and your body gets so cold that it stings when you heat up? Yeah, I had a little bit of that. Honestly!

This may explain why I have been fairly unsuccessful in finding shorts here in Singapore. I keep thinking, "We're on a tropical island? Why does no one wear shorts?!" Answer: they all work inside. Maybe I should have brought more of my Minnesota clothes.

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