Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Warning: I plan to use this entry to brag about my four year old, so if you get annoyed with people who go on about their kids, you may want to skip it.

All over the MRT (subway) there are emergency stop buttons with the ominous warning, "Improper use results in $5,000 fine." Naturally, Ethan was quite curious about them as all children are about things they shouldn't touch. When I said we should only push them in emergencies, it started a strong interest in what exactly IS an emergency.

Yesterday afternoon, he asked me again, "Mom, what's an emergency?" We talked about it being an urgent need for help, and went through a few examples of what constitutes an emergency. We also talked about how the ambulance might come for an emergency to take someone to the hospital. He thought about it for a few minutes and said, "Mommy, if the astronauts are on the moon and one of them gets hurt, will the other ones carry him back to the space ship and take him home to the hospital?"

I don't know why astronauts came to mind first, but I thought it was pretty impressive that he would apply his new knowledge in that way.

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Chris B. said...

I think if it had been up to me to explain when and why you would want to press the red emergency button on a train, I would have found it extraordinarily difficult, given that I can't think of anything happening to a train except maybe de-railing or exploding, in which case I probably wouldn't care very much about the red button.