Saturday, October 02, 2004


As if Singapore wasn't tropical and beautiful enough, God had to go create a little island off the bottom of it for us to go and explore. That's just the kind of fun God He is I guess.

So this week we went to Sentosa. Getting there was adventure enough for this home body - walk to the subway, subway to Harbor Front, cable car to the island. Once there, we walked to the Underwater World. I think I had this expectation like everything in Singapore is amazing. I have to give the Underwater World and the accompanying Dolphin Lagoon just a so-so. But we had a good time figuring out the free bus system and watching the dozens of ships off the coast.

Gina and kids at Sentosa Island

Everywhere we go here, I have this mental picture of myself as this little tiny person walking around the middle of the globe on a tiny island and it hits me again, "I live in Singapore." The only thing I had heard about Singapore before I moved to Asia was that kid who got caned here when I was in high school (consequently, I'm fairly paranoid that I'm going to do something illegal here by accident). When we decided to move here, I had to look it up - I thought it was near Fiji. Turns out it's just off the coast of Malaysia and has lots of little islands around it, one of them being Sentosa. And now we've been there. What a funny little life we lead.

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Chris B. said...

Well, I noticed you didn't have any comments posted, and your posts looked lonely, so I thought i'd drop you a comment. This is a great idea, BTW, better than trying to keep tons of people informed. And the site looks great! Thank heavens for the pre-made templates! Keep posting and I'll keep reading!