Saturday, October 23, 2004

Got milk? A recent visit to the dairy farm


Anonymous said...

I really love red hair. Kelly only has some in his beard, and lets hope Faith wont have any facial hair. But if she ends up with some highlights there will be no complaints on my end.
I wouldn't have minded if Faith hair were is red as Megan's. Kelly always says he is a minority, because like only 13% or some low figure of the world has red hair. Do you Megan's will stay so vibrant?


Gina Marie said...

I don't know what Megan's hair will end up being like when she is grown. She's actually somewhere between Erik and I as kids - his was darker red, and mine was more strawberry blond. I do hope that when she gets older it goes curly - Erik's did, and I know several people who that happened to. Being in this humidity makes it pretty wavy which I love.