Monday, May 28, 2012

Resisting the Urge

As much as this impending move might be the most difficult one to date for our family emotionally, there’s a large part of me that wishes it were happening next week. It’s brutal to hold your heart and life in this limbo where you can see the next chapter, but you aren’t there yet. I want to start sorting through things to see what we need to purge, sell, ship. It doesn’t help that people are already asking for various items around the house (back, scavengers, back!). It’s hard to believe we still have three months here, maybe a little more, as I saw this morning that one-way tickets are cheaper after September 11th (and I’m talking like $1,000-2,500 less total). That was hard to stomach – really? I have to drag this out a week more than I expected?

I need to remind myself of all the things we will still get to do this summer because we aren’t leaving yet – the kids hopefully reaching green/blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, cramming a little more Chinese into their brains, trips to Xi’an and Tiger Leaping Gorge, Erik’s hiking trip to Xin Jiang, and just lots and lots of time with our dear friends, who are our family here.
I still might do a little sorting sooner than later though.

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