Friday, May 11, 2012

My Form of Gluttony

People have always asked us, when we get back to the States, what restaurants we like to hit, what American food we've missed. This is funny to me on a couple levels because it assumes that a) we have no western food in Asia, and b) Chinese food isn't awesome enough. These are both erroneous thoughts, especially b.

It also assumes that food is important to me. I'm an "eat to live" person. That list that's been going around on Facebook about the top 100 foods you're supposed to eat before you die? I think I've eaten 20 of them. That sadly includes Pocky and Spam, which under no circumstances should be included on that list. I eat so that I do not die. So no, there's really nothing I crave from the U.S.

No, my gluttony takes other forms. Primarily, it is literary. I was inside the library within 24 hours of hitting American soil. I got some books for the kids and hunted down 4 for myself. I went again yesterday and got a whole new stack. I'm on my 3rd fiction book while here, which seems tragically low to me, but I've been distracted by things like weddings and house hunting. I have two more I hope to cover before I leave.

Some people overeat in America. I overread.

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