Saturday, May 05, 2012

Off the Beaten Path

I have always been a play by the rules, inside the box, compliant kind of girl. It's served me well (and probably those trying to lead me) for the most part. People generally like those kind of people. At least they like that they aren't doing things that others don't like.

But this morning at breakfast with friends, I was reflecting on the fact that God seems to keep leading me off the beaten paths. Asia for 13 years? Homeschool? These aren't the norm. I know this will become more apparent as we move back to the States and out of the realms where others are doing the same oddball things. 

On top of my seemingly wacky life choices, I feel like I am moving into a place where many of the values and lessons I have learned are counter-cultural, both at work and in life. I'm starting to see that one of the great challenges for me is not only to stand firm in these things I have come to embrace, but to recognize the times when God is calling me to share them with others, to stir things up. I am not a stirrer. I am a "gently slip into the shallow end and hope no one notices" kind of person.

But a few weeks ago, during our bi-weekly Dan Allender mind meld, he talked about passions and burdens. Passions are those things you love, the places where you want to say "yes," where you are even brought to tears because you are so moved by an issue. Burdens are the other side of the coin, the things you hate, the things that make you say, "not on my watch," the places where your blood boils.

This whole topic came to me this morning because my friend was sharing about some things at work that are disappointing to her, things that touch on my passions and burdens. I felt my heart caught up in the issues, that sense of wanting to pound my fists on the table and say, "Something must be done!" and then, "And I want to be part of it!"

Then I thought, "Wait. Did I just think that? But I don't do that kind of thing! And I don't like being that person!" But the passions and burdens in my heart are from God, and I know that I must honor them, even if I get a few sideways glances or create some discord. I've been wandering so far off the beaten path in the last 13 years, why try to find my way back now?

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JB and Cathy said...

Go Gina! Embrace those passions! (and I like the "Dan Allender mind meld tag :)