Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More In Between

Leaving Minnesota has been a little easier this time, as we are buoyed by being able to say, "We'll see you in September!" But the reality has begun to sink in, especially for our kids, that seeing family here soon means that is also the amount of time left for us to say goodbye to China and our friends there. It's hard to watch them wrestle with the process of being so excited for what is to come while simultaneously devastated by it as well. This is the in between life I've been talking about.


Four Buttons said...

Oh Gina! What a struggle this must be for you and Erik along with Megan and Ethan. I am sad for you to be leaving Asia, I mean, you guys are pretty much Asians yourself. And your kids are totally asian! I am, however, so thankful that there is much to look forward to in the coming months for your family! The Sustainer and Giver of all things has you firmly in His grasp and will get you all through this time. It will be a process I'm sure, (as all things usually are) and I know you'll miss many many things about China. Pretty soon, you'll be here saying to yourself, "that's not how it would have been in China" and "That was WAY cheaper in China!" and many other things I'm sure :) we will be praying for your transition and the wrestling of emotions you all will be going through! Love you my friend :)

Amy :) said...

I know we don't actually know each other in person, but I wanted to comment (because I know bloggers *love* comments). :) I'm thinking of you guys with the upcoming transitions and holding you up before God.

I so enjoy your thoughts that you post here!

Amy :)