Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tiger Scout Graduation

Last night was a red letter night for Ethan (where does that phrase come from?). He graduated from Tiger Scouts to being a full blown Cub Scout. He also participated in his first skit, and did a fine job. His drama geek mom was proud.

Ethan has some fun little rascals in his group who like to ham it up for the camera.

Erik is one of the assistant pack leaders. Ethan's receiving his Tiger Scout pin from an older Webelos Scout.

We had to beat the other scouts off with sticks to keep them from getting any of our great cake! (unfortunately, no one was there to protect the pizza that was delivered at the end of the meeting, so some other people ate a whole one!)

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Sherri said...

He looks so cute in his little uniform...what a cool night for him!!! I know you were proud!