Monday, April 09, 2007

Megan on a roll

Up to this point, Ethan has been the one to spout the most quotables, but Megan has been stepping into the spotlight in the last few days with these gems:

She told me when she grows up she wants to be a cat (yes, a cat), a doctor, and a baker. I asked her why a cat, and she said, "So I can fit in drains and hide from people." And now you know that cats are not as domesticated here as they are elsewhere.

Today, Ethan told me in the car that he would like to be baptized when he is older, like 20, or 10, or maybe 18. So Megan chimed in and said that when she get "bathetized" she would like to wear her swimsuit, so her clothes don't get wet. It seemed no matter how many times Ethan and I said "baptized" she was stuck with "bathetized."

And finally, when getting the car after the Easter service, Erik tried in vain to sing one of the hymns from that morning (among my husband's vast array of impressive talents does not lie perfect pitch). I said that maybe daddy wasn't the best singer in our family, to which Megan responded, "I'M the best singer in our family. I'm the best singer in the whole WORLD!" And humble to boot.

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