Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tales of a tropical Easter

Ok, not the most flattering picture of Megan, and I'm dressed in my workout clothes, but here we are at Easter breakfast with pancakes, fruit and strawberry lassi. The strange black and white splotches on the left side of the table are lambs made from handprints and cotton balls.
We took advantage of our tropical weather today to have an Easter Egg Hunt outside. I've never done this with my own kids (though they've done it with our small group from church in years past, and will do it again later today). I asked myself last year why I never had egg hunts outside as a kid. Then I remembered that I grew up in the frozen northern tundra of Minnesota. There was often snow on the ground at Easter.

I thought this might be a great new tradition, but now I began having doubts even as I planted eggs. I tried to put only plastic ones in the planters and bushes because they were still wet with dew and infested with ants. Despite my efforts, the dyed ones still got damp and melted a bit all over their beautiful baskets. And we brought a few outdoor critters in as well (their unexpected journeys to a new and exotic location were quickly cut short).

So I don't know. Maybe I wasn't really missing out that much as a kid. Or maybe I should wait until the afternoon to hold egg hunts outside.


Sherri said...

It sounds like you had a good Easter. We have always hunted eggs inside Easter morning too, however, grew up hunting them outside. The reason we started hunting them here is because it always seems to rain or get cold right before Easter. The one year that I thought we could probably do it outside, I began to worry about the dew too. We do always have a hunt outside with the cousins whereever we go for lunch, so they still get to do that.

Ryan said...

I mentioned your comments on egg hunting as a child to dad, saying you never did it. He quickly responded saying "I took him egg hunting once!"

That said, I remember many happy easter egg hunts (even this past one where Bobby and I hid them for Bethany). Kids love that stuff. Bugs and dirty baskets mean nothing to them.

Gina Marie said...


I think you misunderstood - of course we had egg hunts when I was a kid! We just did them inside. My parents would hide the eggs while we were sleeping, so we'd come out in the morning and see them peeking out from various places, but couldn't act on it until everyone was awake and ready.