Monday, April 16, 2007

A Princess Party

April 15th may mean tax day to the rest of you, but to us here in Asia, avoiding US taxes (just kidding, sort of) it's a much more joyous occasion. It's Megan's birthday! I was actually induced on the 15th, not realizing it was tax day. I was in China, and I was just glad I'd missed April 14th, because 14 in Chinese sounds like the words for "I want to die!" Anyway . . .

Megan wanted a princess party. I think what she really wanted was for me to inundate the house with Disney Princess party supplies, but our budget and my personal preferences forbid it. She had Cinderella napkins, but the rest was pink and ribbons, aside from the big blue castle door we made.

We went earlier in the week to choose a new princess dress for Megan. Of course she fell in love with the Disney Princesses dresses at Toys R Us for S$70 each. So I went to Mustafa and found they had Disney Princess dresses there for S$30! Score another point for Mustafa! Man, I love that store. So I took her on Saturday and she chose this one, which is Erica from Barbie's The Princess and the Pauper. She was thrilled.

We kept the party small because Erik and Ethan were off at another birthday party and I was on my own. I never plan enough activities, but the girls were happy playing. Megan had a great time and that's what counts.

Welcome ye to our humble kingdom
Princess Megan and her throne (she guided the decoration of that).

What a bunch of cuties! Princess Megan and her royal court.

After we played Pass the Parcel (a game we learned from our Australian friends) the girls wanted to do the actions to the song I'd played. The mom of three of the girls here taught them all the actions to Every Move I Make (the worship song, not the 80's hit).

I was in such a hurry at the last minute that I forgot the silver balls and pink sprinkles for the cake. Oh well, they probably would have broken their teeth on those little balls. I don't know who thought those should be edible.

Megan had quite a time trying to blow out her candles. As you can see, I had to help her a little (ok, a lot - I think I blew them all out).


Sherri said...

You gave her a great party! I love the cake.
I remember Madison's princess fun. We played Princess and the Pea. We also made some little jewel crowns and some necklaces...really simple to do. It was just a fun party!
Don't you feel great when you have pulled off a party and your child is happy!?! I do!!!!!!! I loved the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the cake too. Princess Megan looks royally pleased.