Saturday, April 21, 2007

Did I forget to mention?

April 15th was a memorable day, not just because it was Megan's 5th birthday, but because she learned to ride a bike on her own! She's already riding like she' s been doing it for years. Even her adrenaline loving father is a little nervous as we watch her whip around the courtyard. So far no major spills, just looks of amazement from the locals as she cruises through the market.

Her courageous riding has inspired three other kids from our complex to lose their training wheels this week too, so on any given afternoon you walk through the courtyard at your own risk. It's fun to see all of them riding. Family bike rides here we come!


Sherri said...

It's amazing how some kids just "get" it. Once Carter learned, he was the same way...just all over the place. Patrick still doesn't have an interest in his bike. He did learn to ride it, but then never got back on. So, he probably couldn't do it well now. "sigh"

Ryan said...

Ohhh! So fast! Get her in driving school ASAP!