Monday, April 09, 2007

A day with daddy

It's a disappointment the first time you head down to the coast in Singapore and find that the beautiful ocean view you hoped for is obstructed by oil tankers. Still, the kids love a day with daddy at Sentosa Island, off the southern coast of Singapore. This was taken riding the lift back up after taking the luge down the hill.

To Ethan's left you can see the Singapore skyline, and the coastline crowded with shipping docks.


Krystal Kroeker said...

Gina -
Hey! How are you, my old "assigned friend"? At work today I decided to google Gina and Erik Butz and see what I could find. I was happy to stumble onto your blog and read all about your family's adventures in Asia! Would love to hear from you -
Tell Erik hi for me!
Krystal Kroeker:-)

Gina Marie said...

Krystal! Thanks for giving me my first smile of the day. Good to hear from you! I'll send you a good long email and we can catch up. :)