Sunday, April 01, 2007

Evidence of our vacation

So here it is - photographic evidence that I didn't fabricate my previous post.

The kids spent a good portion of their pool time climbing these stairs and coming down the slide in as many different ways as they could imagine. And that waterfall is the poor man's massage (Karen and I still decided to partake in the more expensive one at the hotel's spa).

This man is explaining how they harvest rubber out of this tree. Unfortunately soon after this photo our battery died so we don't have pictures of the cool house where we ate, or the old Malaysian man with, I kid you not, four teeth in the front of his mouth.

This is the beginning of the nighttime firefly tour on the river. Notice how the kids all look excited and happy. This look was diminished by the end, partially because it was late and partially because Ethan was at the beginning of a head cold. They were able to catch several fireflies in their hands though - these were tiny, the size of mosquitoes.

I'm afraid this boy was born to fish. My dad warned me never to marry a man who fishes or hunts, because I would never see him on weekends. Looks like if I'm going to see my son, I may have to take up fishing myself.

Here's Megan and Faith once again. These two have the best time together. They'll have to make the most of it, because the Hausman clan will be moving in about 2 months. And so the mourning in the Butz household continues.

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