Saturday, February 27, 2010

Too many flushes

Here's something I realized today that doesn't happen in the US. (I realize that's a broad statement that covers a multitude of things, but this is one I haven't mentioned before):

We have to pay for toilet water. Consider this: what if, when you go to the bathroom, you discover that you can't flush it? Why? Because the money ran out. So now it's just a bowl of water. What would happen if the toilet water card you put in the little machine in your bathroom wall didn't have any more money on it? And what if the management office where you go to top it up is closed because it's after 8 p.m.? And what if it's Saturday night and they're closed on Sundays? Think you can wait til Monday to go again? This is a strong vote in favor of getting to know your neighbors.

Thankfully, there was money on our card. Which we found out after we went to top it up at the management office and they said, "You can't put money on this card, it's already full!" So the toilets are flushing again.

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