Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now where was I . . . ?

Being thankful. And the list goes on . . .

76. I have not been awakened or kept awake by the war zone like fireworks which have happened every night this week due to Chinese New Year. This is nothing short of a miracle, as I am a light sleeper.
77. Our children have also not been awakened or kept awake.
78. Despite the close proximity to the fireworks, we haven't had any broken windows (this happened to some friends of ours, so we know the possibility is real!).
79. God is revealing some significant things in my heart
80. He's also giving me hope that said things can change!
81. We had fun with our kids and their best friends at the temple fair yesterday
82. Erik is home for three days!
83. We got our Wii Fit Plus DVD back which we left in the States
84. We can look forward to a fun dinner out with friends tonight
85. Valentine's Day was a joy with a little foresight to bring back things like conversation hearts and heart shaped confetti. My family enjoyed their heart shaped breakfasts.
86. The weather is getting warmer each week!
87. I had a great time of prayer this morning. It just starts my day right.
88. We're still learning and enjoying much about American History in homeschool.
89. There's a Subway opening three blocks from our house!
90. Our kids are really good eaters. I can feed them almost anything.
91. I have a husband who is gentle and patient with me.
92. Long underwear.
93. Heat lamps in the bathroom (I know I said it's getting warmer but I'm a colder than average girl!)
94. We can watch the Winter Olympics on TV and our computer - we don't have to miss a thing!
95. Coke Zero
96. oatmeal. It's my breakfast every morning.
97. Tulips! I found some at the grocery store the other day.
98. The beautiful colors of my living room bring me joy
99. My brother has a wonderful wife who is an answer to prayer
100. Facebook - seriously! I keep getting reconnected with old friends. Very fun!

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