Thursday, February 04, 2010


So I'm really digging this gratitude list. All day yesterday I was storing things up to write down. I think the challenge is to do it once a week, but I can't wait that long. So here's what I've been thankful for lately:

26. My children had their first language class this morning and it went really well.
27. lotion. We need lots of lotion in this climate. I have lots.
28. My daughter spontaneously bursts into song often
29. We bought a car!
30. My husband is a good man.
31. homemade granola bars
32. A great Bible study with new and old friends yesterday afternoon
33. Fun dinner with friends last night
34. The use of our friend's car for the next week (ours will be ready in March)
35. Quiet time to write while my kids learned
36. The organic store at the front of our building where I bought Sunmaid raisins and flaxseeds yesterday
37. Three ring binders! In China! I know they say "it's not wrong, it's just different" when it comes to other cultures, but I think there's something a little wrong with two ring binders.
38. A day sunny and warm enough for me to run outside this afternoon
39. My helper who came at 2:30 so I had the freedom to go do said run along the canal, instead of in circles in our complex
40. Sherpa throws
41. The choices I made to say encouraging things to my family
42. The choices I made to refrain from saying something unhelpful to my family
43. Life is relaxed right now
44. Erik doesn't travel at all in February or April
45. The kind woman at the subway stop let me park the car there even though I didn't have a card, and planned to leave it there 3 hours (you're only supposed to leave it for one hour). That was a huge blessing! Otherwise I would have had to drive back home and walk all the way back, making us incredibly late.
46. God answered a prayer for peace in my heart last night after something discouraging happened. Not only did He give me peace, He helped me see good in it! That's the kind of God we have.
47. Our kids are doing really well in homeschool. Megan did an entire chapter of math yesterday unprompted!
48. I found two tootsie rolls in my backpack
49. A great talk with Megan at bedtime about why it's good to admit when we're wrong
50. Family night playing Ticket to Ride - Megan and I won!

Wow. Life is good.

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Robyn said...

Loved reading this. I so need to be better about being thankful, too! You've inspired me! :)