Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dust running wild

In the absence of my maid, I have had to scrounge around in my brain for the place where "cleaning skills and know-how" reside, dust them off, and use them. In the process I have discovered some places which she has, ahem, overlooked.

Exhibit A: Under the couch. We are all familiar with dust bunnies, but to say we have dust bunnies is an understatement. What we have living under our couch are dust rhinos. I know this, because dust bunnies would never viciously attack lunge at my face in that fashion. Territorial beasts they are. I don't think they are normally this aggressive, but they have been allowed to run feral for quite some time. I managed to subdue them, but I need to have a conversation with my maid about how we shall keep the population to a minimum in the future.

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