Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things that are bringing me joy today

You might think I keep doing lists of 25 things I'm thankful for because I'm a little too structured. But you would be so wrong! Actually, you'd be a little right (ok a lot right), but really the main reason is because I like to stretch myself to think about more things. It's easy for me to think of 10-15 things, but I'm trying to dig a little deeper these days. So here are another 25 things I'm thankful for, on my way to 1,000:

51. I made progress on a project
52. beautiful snow
53. A warm Monday
54. Extra time with good friends this week
55. I've been up early every day this week
56. white cardstock. In China!
57. The book When the Soul Listens
58. Full cupboards
59. My jasmine plant is blooming
60. I have a big refrigerator
61. I have an 8KG washer! That's HUGE by China standards
62. I have a dryer too!
63. I haven't been awakened by any fireworks yet
64. Quiet time in the morning
65. The kids played spontaneously and well together several times this week
66. The local swimming pool
67. A great run along the canal on said warm Monday
68. Friends over for dinner (two nights in a row!)
69. Eating at other peoples' houses for dinner (two nights in a row!)
70. Fun time talking with my helper. I even made a joke. In Chinese!
71. The fun ages our kids are
72. I had a good run on the treadmill this morning
73. productive homeschool days
74. God answered a prayer above and beyond what I asked
75. The first thing our son does in the morning is find me and give me a hug

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Robyn said...

So fun to read these, Gina! Thanks for posting. Glad you are having a good week.