Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A change of heart

When I sat down in Dunn Bros in the late days of December to ponder my life in 2010, the phrase I walked away with was, "I want to have a restful heart that loves well and worships freely." There are many challenges to this way of life for me, first and foremost being my inclination to act like a manic beaver when I get going on life. I'm a high energy girl who sometimes doesn't know when to quit - there's just so much I love to do, on top of all I have to do! I also tend to be like the elder brother from John 15 - the diligent worker who, as Tim Keller put it, finds the Father useful rather than enjoying Him, and loves what He gives more than he loves Himself. Harsh words you might think, but I can own them because I know that God desires to answer the prayer in my heart to be this kind of woman - restful, worshipful, loving.

One of the gifts He immediately gave me (actually had already given me a few weeks prior) is a wonderful woman named Dayle who has graciously agreed to help coach me in my role here. In a conversation we had a few weeks ago, she encouraged me to "celebrate the little victories" in my life rather than looking at the ways I fall short. The next day, in my Dove chocolate wrapper (a day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine), the message read, "Celebrate the little victories!" That was extremely cool, albeit a little creepy. I took it as a sign, so I started recording my little victories in my journal.

Then today I had the joy of discovering that my new sister (in-law, but I just want to call her sister!) has a blog, on which she has been doing this great practice of sharing things she's grateful for. 1,000 things in fact. And I couldn't help but think that it would help my heart toward its 2010 desires to jump on the wagon. So here are my first thoughts of gratitude:

I'm thankful for . . .
1. Dayle, who encouraged me to celebrate my life more
2. Rachel, who inspired me
3. the funny things my kids said and did today that made me laugh
4. our electricity card still had money on it so when the meter ran out we weren't stranded without electricity until the bank opens tomorrow
5. popcorn. I had it for dinner. I love popcorn
6. My chiropractor, Mu Mu
7. The great conversation I had with Mu Mu today in Chinese
8. getting my kids through creative writing successfully today. Writing can be the hardest part of homeschool.
9. my husband ordering our new car today!
10. the choices I made to apologize for little things today that I could have let slide by
11. the best friends our kids have right next door
12. a good run on my treadmill today
13. chocolate
14. friends in far places - just saw one of them come online. Hi Wendy!
15. My brother finding an amazing woman to marry
16. The opportunity to teach my kids every day
17. The closeness I have with my kids because I am with them so much
18. My helper, Su Jie, who cleans my house so I don't have to
19. The bedding I brought back from the States. I really love it. It gives me joy every time I walk in the bedroom.
20. The opportunity to coach LEAF in March . . .
21. with Iris Lowder! It's a dream come true, seriously. I had to make those two separate things because I'm so thankful for them.
22. Warmer days lately that make our house not so cold
23. My husband, who always walks in the door with a smile on his face
24. Teaching American History to my kids today in such a way that Ethan said he was having a lot of fun. That's a huge victory!
25. a long quiet time with God before the kids got up this morning that helped me start my day with a restful heart

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Rachel said...

I really like her blog over there at Holy Experience.