Friday, March 31, 2006

Out of the box

Kudos to the employee at Picket and Rail yesterday who was able to think outside the box. I was there buying a dresser for our bedroom, and I noticed a table decoration similar to one I'd seen on for Easter. I noticed that they had a big bunch of the curled reeds they used for it in the corner of the store, so I asked the man if they were for sale. He said they used to sell them but not anymore. In a moment of boldness, I asked him if I could just have some. He hesitated, then went over and attempted to pull out a bundle for me. They were bound together too tightly so he couldn't, but I was quite impressed that he tried. He told me it was just a broom that was curled with heat and I could buy the broom at a hardware store.

So today Ethan and I went to the Chinese hardware store across the street, bought a broom for $1Sing and curled it with my big fat curling iron. Kudos to me for designing on a dime.

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Liz said...

wow! ingenius!! :0)