Friday, March 10, 2006


Ethan's current favorite TV personality is Jeff Corwin, from the Jeff Corwin Experience on Animal Planet. When I told Ethan that Steve Irwin (see below post) was going to be at the zoo, we talked about how it would be fun to see Jeff Corwin in person too. His response was, "You mean Jeff Corwin is real?" I didn't know that was up for debate.

He continued, "I know that Steve Irwin is real. You know how I know that mom?" Enlighten me. "Because when we saw the Wiggles in China, then I knew Steve Irwin was real too." This is because Steve Irwin was in Wiggly Safari, the Wiggles video where they visit the Australia Zoo. It's by far the best Wiggles video, but that's beside the point. So he made the connection that if the Wiggles are real, so must Steve Irwin be.

He's still a little shaky on the existence of Jeff Corwin. Now he's really wondering how Jeff gets into the TV and into our house. That got us onto explaining how satellites work. Oy.

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