Friday, March 03, 2006

Lessons Learned

Disclaimer: the following is not an illustration of my proudest mommy moment.

Today Ethan and I put together a bookshelf we bought for his room from IKEA. We painted the back of it red first, and it looks pretty cool. Before that, while we were waiting for the paint to dry, Ethan and Megan started playing "post office" in his room by dropping "mail" into the slot in his easel. Soon, Ethan came out screaming with a cut on his foot. He explained that he was using the hammer (see disclaimer) to break off pieces of cardboard from the IKEA box to make the mail.

After he recovered and got bandaged, he sat at the dining room table with me and said, "Mommy, I learned a lesson today. I learned that little kids shouldn't play with hammers unless there are big people around." He told Erik the same later. You know, it's not how you want a kid to learn a lesson, but it certainly works.

Ethan was on a roll with the quotes today. The kids had some peapods for lunch. A full two hours later as we walked out of the house, he said, "You know what mom? I'm still eating a little bit of teapod!" (not a typo).

We walked over to the hardware store, and on the way back as we were walking into sunlight he put down his sunglasses and said, "Let's get ready for a little sun action!" And the hits just keep on coming. :)

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