Tuesday, March 28, 2006

West Coast Park

Sunday afternoon we ventured down to West Coast Park, which, as you might guess, is on the west coast of Singapore. It's a long park which would have a beautiful view of the ocean if there weren't miles of corrugated metal blocking it. They've been working on something there for a long time. Maybe some day we'll be able to see the water again.

But anyway, we still had fun because we were joined by some of our small group from church. There isn't a picture of it, but there are several large playgrounds at this park, including zip lines and a large rope structure that kids can climb. There's also a huge open field where people were flying kites and playing soccer.

When we got there, it was just beastly hot. We thought it would be raining since it was where we live, but instead it was just hovering at around 95% humidity. After about an hour and a half it cooled down though and a nice breeze started and we thought, "This is the life." Nothing like a Sunday picnic with friends!

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