Saturday, March 25, 2006

The 5 C's

I learned from my pastor, of all people, about the 5 C's of Singapore. They are: cash, car, condo, club (as in country) and credit card. These are jokingly the goals of Singaporeans - all about getting ahead. I had an interesting conversation with a Singaporean the other day about the top values here. I have to say one of them is upgrading. You upgrade everything - your education, your car, your standard of living, your children (through a million enrichment and tutoring classes) - to get ahead and have success. He called it pragmatic materialism.

Though I said they are jokingly the goals, I even saw yesterday a sign for a class called "Living the 5 C's." They may joke, but it's based in truth. Looking at some articles online about this, I came across this site called 36 signs you've been in Singapore too long. Take a gander - I could identify with a few, or at least understand where they come from.

In other news, Ethan lost his first legitimate tooth this week without help from outside forces. Megan was quite upset. She doesn't want to lose her teeth. And that's all from the equator.

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