Monday, April 03, 2006

A Blessing and a Curse

Ethan will religiously follow any doctor's orders. When the doctor told him not to eat grapes or oranges during a cold, you'd better believe he was asking me to take the grapes out of the chicken salad.

So it was no surprise to me that when our dentist told Ethan to brush his teeth for two minutes, twice a day, he began a military level practice. We thought it was great at first that he even wanted a timer so he could see how long two minutes was, but now it has reached the point of obsession compulsion. He cannot brush his teeth without the timer. When we went to stay at a friend's house last Friday night, we had to bring the timer with us. If we start the timer before he is ready, he freaks out. If Megan continues to brush her teeth after the timer is done, he gets upset. It's all a little too much, but at least he's got better habits!

Next time, I'm asking the dentist to tell Ethan to stop sucking his thumb.


Michelle said...


I'm a touch like Ethan as well. The docotor told me months ago no more juice or soda, and for weeks if that were the only options I'd remain parched until I could get home and drink a tub full of water.
Now I kind of have about one glass of juice a week. I wonder what Kelly would have the docotor tell me :)

Gina Marie said...

Why no juice or soda? Just because of the sugar? I remember being so paranoid about all that when I was pregnant with Ethan. Then I saw one of my good friends who was also pregnant and a very healthy person eating a Snickers and drinking a Mountain Dew at the same time. She doesn't ever drink caffiene when she's not pregnant! That made me relax a little.

Michelle said...

No. In the begining I gained nothing and actually lost weight. It was really gross. Then after 15 weeks things began to really take off and I made up of a lot of lost lbs. Once I hit month 7 it regulated. But in the middle my obg. thought if things continued I'd have a 9lb baby, so he cut me off on juice and soda. Now I'm exactly where I was the first time around with weight.
Why do you think laying down with a pillow between your legs helps so much?

Victoria said...

the real question here is why no grapes or oranges during a cold? an orange is one of the best things for you in the world....especially when sick....hmmm.....

sorry for the sporatic (randomly sporatic comments) but I do like to read your updates and see what you guys are up to!


Gina Marie said...

I think the no grapes or oranges thing is Asian, though she insisted it was western medicine. Beyond that your guess is as good as mine.

As for the pillow between the legs - I think it takes the pressure off the back on the top side. Man, I remember how good that felt. I had one of those long pillows I could also put under my belly at the same time. Ethan uses it now. I had to have a friend make a pillow cover for it once I realized he wasn't going to let it go.