Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Room's Transformation

It's been amazing watching our apartment take shape, from empty shell to livable home. There is still plenty of transformation to come as we haven't even moved our stuff in yet, but here's an example of the level of work that's being done there:

The original kitchen - for some reason, painted dark gray. The part jutting out on the right covers pipes, and was unable to be moved, but the wall to the left we decided to tear down so it could be open to the dining room.

The kitchen/dining room, taken from the door you see in the first picture, after they tore the wall down. The small room there is a guest bathroom.

Taken from the same viewpoint as the first picture. As you can see, taking down the wall really opened up the space.

Color!! I love this color. I wanted something slate/blue/gray to contrast with some pumpkin/copper color stuff we have in our dining room. You can see the start of a heater cover there. Most of the heaters won't be covered - just painted because it's too expensive to cover them.

The kitchen view from the dining room. I love that we have this little breakfast bar, and bookshelves for things like cookbooks. There is a space for our dishwasher between our sink and stove. The space above is for the "oil sucker."

Here you can see the space for our refrigerator (to the right of the part covering the pipes) and space for our oven (below) and microwave (above). Below the cabinet on the right we are going to put our buffet.

Beneath all the dust and construction supplies you would be able to see some nice tile they've installed too. No point in cleaning along the way. Our move date is next Monday. It won't all be done by then, but it will be close. You can see more before pictures on my Facebook pages. I'll take more "after" pictures (or at least "in progress") pictures today when we go see what's happening.

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