Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm thankful

I just passed 1,000 posts! But that's completely irrelevant to what I'm going to share with you today.

SOO many ways to be thankful right now, as we settle in to our new place. Here they are:

276. Our apartment is finished and it's beautiful!
277. I have a kitchen island
278. I have an OUTLET in my kitchen island
279. The ACs work
280. I have more storage space than I currently need. This has never happened before in Asia
281. Our guest room is ready and it makes me happy to look at it
282. Erik is 4 minutes away
283. There's a huge produce market 5 minutes away
284. I can get my hair cut for 15Y at a really cool place at the bottom of my building
285. Street popcorn
286. Friends within walking distance
287. Our friend Gary still had furniture in his warehouse that we could use and he gave us great deals on it
288. My dryer works (just not my washer)
289. A double sink!
290. Beautiful views from our 12th floor
291. The friendliness and curiosity of the Chinese people. I almost always feel welcome in this country
292. Children who are flexible and adaptable and adventurous
293. The freedom to let my kids bike down the street to play with their friends
294. Friends returning from the U.S. each day
295. The ability to communicate in this language (most of the time!)
296. My husband who DOES communicate well in this language and who rescues me often, and who never tires of serving and encouraging (or at least doesn't show it)
297. Homeschool co-op starting soon
298. The book The Rest of God
299. P90X that is kicking my butt
300. The knowledge that all these things are little gifts from a God who loves me

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