Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nothin' like a little love

Nothing cheers like a genuine verbal boost from your kids when you least expect it, and believe me, today was a day when I least expected it. Needing to focus entirely on packing, and having almost no options for neighbors to watch the kids (not to mention all their toys being packed) I shamefully admit that they watched 3 movies, in addition to some Wii time. Ok, a lot of Wii time.

Maybe that's why Megan said this to me, "You are the BEST mommy in the whole WORLD! Because you're beautiful, and loving, and kind! And I LOVE my mommy!!"

This comment came after some Wii and a movie, but before the 2nd two movies and more Wii, and macaroni and cheese which I loathe giving them (but they adore), so I'd like to think it was based on some truth and not just spouting from a media induced euphoria. It might also have stemmed from her observing my state of mind and thinking, "Mommy might crack. I'd better pour some sugar on this or we could lose her."

Either way, it was encouraging!

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