Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tree Update

A few weeks ago I posted about this tree that fell in the park across from us. I've been watching to see if they would come gather it. Instead, they decided to cut off the top part and put it back in the ground. Seriously? That's like Ethan today trying to reinstall the tooth he lost yesterday. Granted, there's no tree coming up from under it to take its place, but do they really think it will just take root and grow again?

When I was running yesterday I was trying to think of how to carry the spiritual analogy I began in my first post. So if falling over because you have shallow roots in Christ was the first lesson, I guess this would be like someone coming along and saying, "Hey, you're ok" and slapping a spiritual bandaid on you. I don't know - what do you think? The sad thing is this will only hold up til the next storm. Poor tree.

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