Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A change is coming . . .

In light of the fact that we will be moving out of the tropics in the very near future, I have been pondering a change to my blog address and title. Disappointing. I like my title. Not such a fan of the address - honestly, if I had made the ever so simple connection that what I was entering in as my address was what people would have to type, I would have gone with something like "" Because monkey is one of my favorite words.

SO . . . I need a new title and address. For those of you know don't know, we are moving to the large Asian country located north east of here. So I was thinking something along the lines of "crouching tiger, hidden blogger," but you know, I'm not locked into that one. I thought of "bicycles, bamboo and the Butz family." Also something with "lotus flower" because it sounds exotic. Gosh, this suddenly feels like it does when you're pregnant and you tell people names you like for the baby. And they say things like, "Oh, I know three kids with that name and they're all stupid." From this you should make the logical jump that your child will also be stupid if you give them that name. So maybe I should do what we did in the end, which was decide what we were going to name our kids and then not tell anyone until they're born. Then people can't argue. They can only awkwardly pause and say, "Is that a family name?"

By this time next month I'll have a new look, a new address, and a new title (not to mention a vastly new location). Here's hoping for no awkward cyber-pauses when you see the changes.

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noble said...

Sounds like it is an exciting time right now with you up and coming move. We will be praying for you, Erik and the kids in this time of transition.