Friday, April 03, 2009

My Step of Faith for the Day

For most of my life, I operated under the erroneous knowledge that I had A- blood like my mom. It wasn't until I was pregnant with Ethan that I discovered I am in fact O-. Maybe this news is not earth shattering, but in Asia I am like gold. Whereas in the States 15% of the population is Rh negative, in Asia it's less than 1%. Not only am I Rh-, but O is the universal donor. That means that when a negative person (Rh negative, not just negative in general) needs blood, they need mine.

The only problem? I hate needles with a passion. When I had a cavity filled two weeks ago, all I could think about was that tiny needle they were going to use. When I had kids, the thought of pushing them out didn't phase me - it was the IV I didn't want. I have passed out from shots more times than I remember. When I've had blood taken, my body freaks out so much my blood literally stops flowing. So voluntarily giving my arm to someone so they can shove a needle the size of a straw into it is the last thing I want to do.

But of course today I got another email with a plea for Rh negative blood. Technically they want B-. This happened about two years ago when someone wanted A-. I waited several days before finally calling and offering my fluids, but the need was gone (I have to confess I had hoped it would be).

When I got the email, I thought, "Well, technically, they need B, not O," and deleted it. 15 minutes later I was convicted, and messaged the woman. It's a big step of faith for me - I've never actually given blood! I always used that "I'm too small and weak" excuse. But I kept thinking, "What if this were my five year old son with cancer. Wouldn't I want even the small, weak, irrationally afraid of needles people to give?" Having just watched The Changeling, there's not much I wouldn't do for my kids these days.

I just got a message back from the woman, saying the blood bank will contact me today. So there's my step of faith for the day, and I'm going to need all the strength and grace God can give me to do it.

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Ashley L said...

Hi Gina!

I will pray for you as you take this step of faith! What a loving sacrifice you are making and for such a good cause. I hear you on the fear of needles though. You'll do great! Oh, and I forgot to return a comment awhile back, but how cool that we are perhaps with the same organization!

I was stopping by to say hi and also to invite you to join in on the “Kids and Culture” photo challenge at “Missionary Moms!” Here is the link if you would like to submit a photo! Take care!