Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hot tip on frozen goods

In our never ending quest to live frugally in the land of exorbitant prices, I was thrilled to make this find the other day: a one pound bag of frozen blueberries for $7.10. I also found a one pound bag of frozen raspberries at the same place for $5.65. Blueberries can run around $7-9 depending on where you shop, but that's for fresh ones, and maybe only 100-200g. We tried out our blueberries in some homemade muffins, but I neglected to drain them, so they were actually purple muffins. I'm really good at messing up recipes like that (I should tell you about the purple wild rice soup I served some friends for Christmas one year). But still - yay!

If you live in Singapore and want to take advantage of this, you can find them at this great little bakery store on Bencoolen called Phoon Huat & Co (right side of the road if you're heading toward Middle Road). They have everything you could possibly think of and more in regards to baking. I get lots of spices there, as well as food coloring (every color of the rainbow!) and huge cans of cooking spray for $8.

Here's to saving money in the year of the Ox! (my year, by the way).


Starlene said...

Thanks for the tip. Now I just need to find Bencoolen. :-/ Lots of places I am not familiar with yet. Just the other day I was contemplating buying a small bag of frozen blueberries at Cold Storage for about S$10 but couldn't stand to pay that much. This tip is very timely.

Gina Marie said...

Starlene - hi! Glad I could help someone. Bencoolen is perpendicular to Rochor which turns into Bukit Timah, down in the central business district. It's closest to the Little India MRT if you go that route (although it's still a long walk from there - I hop the bus a few stops). Happy shopping!

Starlene said...

Thanks. Now I know where to look. Of course, I'll be consulting my map and bus schedule book first since that's just the way I am but glad to have an idea where I'm going now.