Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random quotes from the car

Our car has been a place where we've had some fun conversations with the kids (it's one of the main reasons I'm glad we sacrificed their college education to buy one here). Here are a few quotes from the car recently:

Megan, "These are good, they're GREAT, they're AMAZING!!!!" In reference to her first taste EVER of Nilla Wafers. They were on sale at Cold Storage for $4.10, making them what - only twice what they are in the States?

Megan, "I LOVE Chinese New Year!!" after receiving about $40 worth of money in red packets.

Megan, "I know. You could put some in one bowl, some in another, mix the chips in one of the bowls and TA DA!!" explaining how I could make brownies without having the peanut butter and milk chocolate chips (which were also on sale for only twice their worth) mixed in all of it so she could have one brownie without them. She really didn't want them in her brownie.

and my personal favorite, "No one is buying my hot dogs." (from a dejected Ethan). I think I'll let you try and figure out what that was about.

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