Saturday, January 03, 2009


When I started telling people I was running the half marathon last year, I had that uncomfortable feeling that comes with making something public. I'm going to do it again. Right now.

They say that if you make your New Year's resolutions known, you are more likely to follow through on them. I don't know - I think I could still manage to drop them all, but we'll see if this works. So here goes:

My primary resolution is that I want to be more other centered. How's that for vague? What I mean is that I want to be more conscious of others' needs and more quick to respond to them. So because it's vague, I have started making a list of things I can do to develop this trait, such as: only asking questions in conversation, rather than talking about myself; offering to help when I am visiting someone else's house until they find something for me to do (assuming that I don't have to ask to the point where they just find something so I'll shut up); asking God daily to bring to mind people who could use help, prayer, encouragement; writing notes to encourage people in my life, etc. If you have any ideas on how to be more other centered, send them my way!

Resolution 2: become a runner. I can't really say I am a runner right now because I just ran that one race and then a few days a week after that. So to pursue this goal I am making a list of races throughout the year (hopefully one in each season) to give me a training mark. Why running? Well, more for the mental discipline than anything else - to push myself to do more than I think I can.

Last one: Develop my prayer life. I'm starting this one by trying to pray 15 minutes a day in January. Sound too cerebral to be spiritual? Yeah, kind of does to me too, but I figure God can use it, and I'm more likely to actually pray than if I say, "I'm going to pray more." The more specific you are with your goals, the more likely you are to actually accomplish them.

I have other goals, like finish this writing project for work, and get my pictures on istock photo, but I don't want to overload myself. What about you - what are you doing with 2009?


Six Wilsons said...

This is what I have started to jump start my prayer life, in supporting my husband as well. It gives you something specific to pray for him each day, and the verses that support it. Just a thought. :-)

Becoming more others focused is always a great thing.

Gina Marie said...

Thanks Wendy! I love resources like this! I'll have to print it out and put it in my journal.

Juli said...

Gina, a friend recently said to me - all you have to do to be a 'runner' is run. So, my friend, you most definitely are a runner. With that in mind - good luck with the races!

Anonymous said...

Wanna run the half marathon with me in October? :) (I forgot my new password for my blog again. . . but I now remember my old password. . . I thought I wrote it down, but all I can find is where I wrote down my old password. bummer. - thus I am logging in as anonymous :)

Gina Marie said...

Absolutely Tammy! It's on my plan. There's a 10K May 31 in Singapore (going out with a bang) and a few medium races in MN in the summer, but my big goal is the half in October. I'm excited for the opportunity to do it better.