Monday, January 12, 2009

Bullfrogs and Butterflies

In an effort to make room for the board games which have been accumulating in this house (have you played Pandemic? Ticket to Ride? if not, you might not be having as much fun as you could be), Ethan and I rearranged some storage spaces in the living room. Namely, we moved the record collection to a less accessible place after confirming that my parents don't spend their evenings listening to them. In the process, I was surprised, delighted, amused and nostalgic as evidenced by the exclamations I made:

"Wow! Look at all this classical music! We need this for our music time in homeschool!"
"Hey - Peter and the Wolf! I wanted this one!"
"Aw, Kenny Rogers."
"Is that Pat Boone? Oh, no, it's Richard Chamberlain. Huh - he was good looking."
"Look! John Schneider!"
"The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas!"
"A signed copy of Petra?"
"Hey - Michael W. Smith with a beard."
"Gamble family!" (and I launched into a little tune from it)
"Carman. Gotta love Carman."

But the best of all was finding the collection of records we had as kids which includes: Bullfrogs and Butterflies, Music Machine, Learning America The Fun Way, Nathaniel the Grublet, Sir Oliver's Song, and All Time Children's Hits.

The kids are currently listening to a scratchy session of Learning American the Fun Way since that's what we've been studying in homeschool. The children on the record are currently screaming, "Indians! Indians! What do we do?!?" We'll have a little talk later about political correctness.

The best part was when Ethan pulled the first record out, looked at and said, "Megan! Check out the size of this disk!"

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